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About Us

About Us

Lite-Med Inc., founded in 1991, is one of the best ISO-13485/GMP approved Medical Equipment Manufacturer in Taiwan. In the beginning Lite-Med, Inc. engaged in Shock Wave Technology design and research. After gaining excellent clinical results, we integrated world-class Made-In-Taiwan techniques including Computer Technology, Precision Machinery and Semiconductor Automatic Control to self-design and manufacture medical instrument. Working along with the policy of the government in developing biomedical industry, we began to market our products worldwide in the brand name of Lite-Med (Lighten Taiwan Excellent Medical). Our products include Auto Dual Localization ESWL, ESWT and Multi-functional ESWT. Now Lite-Med is one the famous medical device company in Taiwan.

Brand Story

Taiwan has excellent medical environment, world leading medical service and clinical research that is good for high- end medical instrument development. In 1991, LiteMed set up R&D and Marketing Center in Taiwan and started to develop Shockwave related medical instrument with Taiwan’s physicians. This is why we branded ourself with LiteMed (Lighten Taiwan Excellent Medical). Our ESWL LM-9200ELMA is equipped with world’s No.1 Stone Locking and Aiming system and clinical reports confirm it can efficiently reduce the side effect caused by patient’s breath in urinary stone treatment. This ESWL is widely used by many well-known medical institutions. Our multi-functional ESWT is LM-IASO. According to feedback and suggestion of medical practitioner, we adopted unique shockwave generating techniques that can generate different kinds of shockwave. It provides a safe, non-invasive, drug-free, anesthesia-free, and non-radioactive treatment in orthopedics, rehabilitation, urology and veterinary.

Our Mission

High Quality Made In Taiwan Medical
Instrument Provider

Our Vision

Well-Known World-Wide Medical
Instrument Brand

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